Wood Chairs

Amish Woodworking offers a line of custom handmade chairs to fit your specific requirements. Choose from one of our existing chair models or design your own. That's right if you need a bigger, smaller, higher or wider chair we can make it. These chairs are handmade from the finest hand selected hardwoods. Our chairs are designed and built with an emphasis on comfort, quality materials and superior Amish craftsmanship. During the assembly process all spindle chairs are glued and screwed and mission chairs are tenon and mortised for increased strength and durability. After assembly each chair is hand sanded then it receives a coat of stain, which is, hand sprayed to assure complete coverage. The stain is then hand rubbed to remove excess, hand rubbing also results in an even and consistent color while enhancing the beauty of each chair's unique grain. After a drying period each chair is individually given a coat of sealer and hand sanded prior to the final finish. This process reduces any raised gain that may have resulted from the sealing process. Finally, a finish coat is applied providing an even luster that will provide years of durable beauty to every chair.

Just like our custom made furniture we can also do reproductions or we can replicate an antique chair to accent other fine furniture in your home. If your needs are for kitchen chairs, dining room chairs, desk chairs, bar chairs or restaurant chairs our process will provide the durability and strength for many years of service. We have a wide range of fabric or leather for you to select from or send us your own fabric and we will incorporate it into your custom chairs. We are committed to the highest quality for a reasonable price. Chairs are all made from hardwoods such as Cherry, Hickory or 1/4 Sawn Oak. All hardwoods have variations in their color and grain. Our custom chairs are built and finished to bring out the natural beauty and character of each piece of wood. These wood characteristics give each chair its unique and individual charm. Although the finishing processes are identical, no two pieces will be exactly the same. The combination of beautiful hardwoods and Amish hand craftsmen will allow you to appreciate the old world quality of our custom made chairs.

Every chair just as our furniture is manufactured very precisely and carefully produced to strict specifications. During the assembly process all spindle chairs are glued and screwed and mission chairs are tenon and mortised for increased strength and durability. After assembly, each chair is hand sanded prior to being sent on to the finishing facility.

Wood Chair Product Lines


I am so happy to say, the desk is great. My husband really loves it. The color is perfect and the craftsmanship seems superb. I am very pleased, and it was very nice working with you and your company. Thank you for your attentive service.

Sally P., Shorewood, WI

Care and Warranty

Wood is a product of nature and therefore acts in ways beyond human control. All hardwood has variation in its color and grain. These wood characteristics will put their own unique touch to each piece of solid wood furniture. Even though we go through the same building process, no two pieces will be exactly the same. Click below to read more......